Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top 10 Non-theological Questions about the Afterlife

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Mike Marget
January 9, 2013
Top 10 Non-theological Questions about the Afterlife

10. – Does eternity last longer if calculated in dog years?

 9. – How is it possible for my French-speaking ancestors to communicate with me through an English language Ouija board?

 8. – If my home mortgage is underwater when I die, will it affect my credit rating in the hereafter?

 7. – Does the existence of the U.S. Congress suggest life continues even in the absence of higher level brain activity?

 6. – Have celestial real estate values skyrocketed since people started storing everything in the clouds?

 5. – If my spouse and I die in an automobile accident, can we travel toward the light using the 2+ HOV lane?

 4. – If I see dead relatives with their hands out, is it a welcome or are they about to hit me up for money?

 3. – In the afterlife, how much importance will attach to billable hours?

 2. – If you are an accountant in this lifetime, must you be accountant in the next world, too?

 1. – Should we expect over-crowding once those Obamacare death panels become operational?