Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top 10 Intel Gain from Accountant at Gitmo

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Top 10 File
Mike Marget
January 9, 2013

10. – When traveling , terrorists are reimbursed 55.5 cents per mile if they use their own camels.

 9. – He once declared a fatwa against H&R Block.

 8. – Most common Taliban disguise -- wearing a fake beard over their actual beard.

 7. – Detainees get mad whenever interrogators make puns interchanging the words “moola” and “mullah.”

 6. – Wife #3 stars in Real Housewives of Kandahar. 

 5. – Once considered entering his favorite camel in the Olympics’ dressage competition.

 4. – As an austerity measure, shoe bombers are advised to shop at Payless.

 3. – Mission statement includes jihad against Pakistan, Afghanistan and Jenniferanistan. 

 2. – For reasons too complicated to explain, all al Qaeda equipment leases are booked as operating leases. 

 1. – Even in a 14th century cultural milieu, accountants are considered nerds.