Thursday, September 20, 2012

Top 10 Signs It's Time for the Managing Partner to Step Down

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Mike Marget
September 20, 2012
Top 10 Signs It’s Time for Your Firm's Managing Partner to Step Down

 10. – Last time he argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas asked him a question.

 9. – Hasn’t brought in a new client since Studebaker Motors. 

 8. – Refuses to upgrade from his Commodore 64.

 7. – Every time he walks into a courtroom, exclaims, “Why did I come in here?”

 6. –  After beginning a story about the Framers’ Original Intent, lapses into bawdy tales about having gone bar hopping with Ben Franklin.

 5. – His idea of causal Friday is to dress like former Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth.[i]

 4. – Keeps calling Dick Cheney to arrange another hunting trip.

 3. – He hasn’t updated his blog in over 2 weeks.  (Oops, sorry, that’s a sign I should retire.)

 2. – Spent all of the last partners’ meeting talking to an empty chair.

1.        You catch him reading one of these lame Top 10 Lists.

[i] Oliver Ellsworth:

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